Tuesday, February 12, 2008

what if Aliens attack .......

For long we have been hearing alien stories and people getting abducted by them. Just imagine what would happen if they suddenly show up in the sky and say hey we r going to conquer the world. What would be the effects of it, yesterday i was sittting in front of the television watching news, all channels were showing how poor people of north were beaten up in Maharashtra for some regional reason,then they show a nepali boy who killed a wing commander in gurgaon because of which a general feeling of animosity has developed against nepalis'. All channels showing death, distrucion and differences because of religion, region, cast, creed, color, money and any other possible reason. Now imagine in the middle of this aliens show up and say we r going to attack earth what would happen? These problems and petty little differences would go away in a flash of a second and we would be thinking about our survival because thats what we have done for centuries survived, evolved and ruled. We dont want to be dominated by anyone else be it any species on earth or someone from the outher world. What the earth needs today is something as big and stunning as alien attack to make the people of this small blue planet live happily with each other.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The valley of Gods

also known as the valley of Gods' has been a popular tourist destination for years. What tourists know this place for is its snow cleft mountains, apples, temples and landscapes. What they forget to observe is the most important of them all the simplicity of life and the magic spells of nature. If you happen to travel to Kullu do visit a place called "BIJLI MAHADEV" literaly translated as the God of lightining. The legend behind this place is that during every Shivratri a silver lightining strikes the Shivling here and the pundit of the temple joins it back with butter. Might sound strange but there are people who have seen it and they were never able to see any crak on the shivling( the idol of lord SHIVA). Walking by the isles of Old manali or the banks of river Beas one realises the actual beauty of this place. It seems that God also took some time to create this place and kept in mind people like us who might need a place to wash what is on their heads and relax for some time with nature. Manali is 40 kms from kullu which is known for Manu maharaj (The great sage and creator of gods) and Hadimba the wife of BHIM from Mahabharata by the locals. More popular for skeeing and snow mobiling this place has its roots long back from the satyug. Solang nala and Rotang pass are the places where people head for all the snow fun but if you have to enjoy the real thing and see how life is at this small place travel by the left bank road from manali to kullu. You will come across many viallges where you ll find life at a pace of its own. Village people engrossed in their own work at fields and small childern walking kilometers for school with their writing Boards. The typical day starts at 4:30 in the morning and ends by 7:30 in the evening with dinner. Terrace farming is one amazing thing to see how people can use steep land for growing crops. Once you observe these things you feel how simple life is and how happy people are in the small things of life. So if you happen to visit my home town ( kullu) dont missout on these small things ... :)


People around me know me as Viru, the name my parents gave me when i was born on 01/01/79 in Delhi ( Capital of India). I am in IT sector now and most of the time confused with the nature of job, i sometimes stare out of my office window for long hours thinking whats the worh of my life sitting in a small cubicle with a box in front of me. I should have been into something more adventurous, something which would make me feel more accomplished. i sound a litte passimistic here but thats not the truth i enjoy what i am and how i am but i think it could have been better. I belong to Kullu more know as the valley of Gods, i like to go places and be with nature for most of my free time. I am turned on by good beats and nice surroundings, for the matter of fact i like to be around people who know that present is not to waste for your future but also for taking out time for yourself and knowing what you are.